"Trading Futures With Confidence"


Futures Machine

By becoming a successful Futures Trader you'll own your own business and have many advantages that are unique to Futures Traders.  You'll also have more freedom and time to do all the things you've always dreamed about:

                                There is financial risk in trading futures.

    >>> Low Startup Costs: You can open a Futures Margin Brokerage Account for as little as $2000. But before you do that, you can test our strategies absolutely free with a paper (simulation) trading account. We'll show you where to get it and how to set it up.

    >>> NO Employees, NO Cash Register, No Money Stolen, NO Inventory Stolen, NO Workers Comp Insurance, NO Spoilage, No Rent and virtually NO Overhead, If you want to go on vacation you can leave - we are day traders and at the end of each day we hold NO Positions, NO Working everyday and praying customers will come in and best of all - YOUR Income is unlimited as the better you trade the more contracts you can add.

    >>> Low Trading Fee's: We'll give you the contact information to our recommended brokers who will help you set up your trading account.

   >>> No Steep Learning Curves. 

    >>> No Worries about Market Direction: You can profit from Short or Long trades anytime.

    >>> Inflation and Recession Proof.

    >>> Total freedom to trade when you want and quit when you want.  The Futures Markets are open 6:30 AM to 1:15 PM  Monday - Friday PST.