"Trading Futures With Confidence"

1)  Download Ninjatrader and set up your broker account. Fund your trading account with at least $3000.

2)  Purchase the Trading Education Program from Futures Machine and join our Group!

3)  Study and learn the articles and charts mailed to you. This is easy and will not take long, no previous trading experience is necessary!

4)  Review the charts posted on www.facebook.com/futuresmachine

5)  Attend classroom sessions or view the recordings.

6)  Start simulated trading. Once comfortable start trading with 1 contract, when profitable 4 out of 5 days move to 2 contracts.

​                                             There is financial risk in trading futures.

Success is not a matter of scaling Mt. Everest.  It's a straight forward process of following step-by-step procedures that other people have tested.


Futures Machine