Q)  Why do you use the 1 min and 30 second charts, what about tick, volume and renko charts? 

A)  We prefer the time charts because it is easier to see and feel a rhythm for when the candles begin and end.


Q)  Why trade the NQ, ES and YM?

A)  These Futures are more consistent in repeating rules and patterns.  Therefore they create more consistent winners.  With the TF and CL Futures you will have bigger winners and more losers as these Futures have more volatility than the NQ, ES and YM.


Q)  I'm a beginner, will your program work for me?

A) Yes. The best thing about being a beginner is that you don’t have any bad trading habits. We will show you everything needed to make you a successful trader.

Q) How many monitors do I need?

A) We recommend using three monitors. Two for viewing your charts with your order execution platform and the third for viewing the trade room, internet or email.  With Ninja Trader the charts and order execution platform are combined but we still have Ninja spread across two monitors viewing 4-6 charts.

Q) What kind of Internet connection will I need?

A) Trading requires a high speed, stable connection. We recommend you have either a Cable or DSL Internet Service.


Q) Do I need to attend the trading room?

A) The signals are so clear that once our system is learned the trading room is not necessary.



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